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Written Testimonials

"I discovered this product through this Group and am so happy with it. I was getting so ill from the bleaching and vinegar cleanings I routinely do at home, that when I read about Liquid Green I thought it was made for me!!! I literally use it on everything and it works beautifully, and no smell!! I would also add the customer service was just as amazing. Proud to support black-owned businesses and recommend everyone give Liquid Green a try."
Donna McCleary
“I used Liquid Green to clean my house before I brought home my new baby from the hospital. I loved the fact that there was no strong odour, yet everything was remarkably clean”
Nadine B.
Virginia, U.S.A.
"My wife added Liquid Green to my shampoo without me knowing and when I commented that I thought the shampoo was making my hair grow, she confessed. Now I use Liquid Green to shampoo my hair."
Lemord A.
“I bought two dozen bottles of Liquid Green multi-purpose cleaner and gave it to my family to encourage them to go green. This is a very good product."
Sunny H.
Crawford Academy in Toronto, recommends the product to her school and friends. “I had crayon on my mirror and tried many other products to get it off. When someone suggested I try nail polish remover or gasoline I was shocked, but with a few squirts of Liquid Green, it was gone.” Thanks again.
Jacqueline F.
"My husband and I recently picked up your product at the Bloor St. (Landsdowne) Festival couple of weekends ago. I’m so happy we stopped at the Liquid Green booth that weekend!! We didn't even realize there was a festival happening until we got out of the subway ... it was fate. It has been years since we have been able to find a product that is either comparable or better than the last natural cleaning product we used (which went off the market).  Liquid Green has been a major life saver!!  It is a fantastic product!

We have issues with dog and cat pee due to having senior and special needs pets.  This product has been amazing at eliminating the odours that other products have failed to do! On top of that, it has been a fantastic general cleaner with barely any effort needed for scrubbing.  Lastly, we've recently found ourselves with a few unwanted guests in our home.  So, out of curiosity, I decided to try spraying Liquid Green ... OMG! Fantastic!  Kills on contact!

We couldn't be happier with this treasure of a find for an all-around useful cleaning product. To top it off we have been able to dilute the cleaner and still have it be effective. I have found my cleaning "life partner" in Liquid Green 🙂 Thanks!"
"I bought a bottle of your 4Litre Multi-purpose Cleaner and I shared it with my family who have issues with chemical sensitivities. Your product works very well and we love that it has no odours."
"Liquid Green has brought such peace and happiness to my home over the past year or so. My son is asthmatic and I'm always very careful with the type of laundry detergent and cleaning products that I bring into my home. I sometimes buy one set of laundry detergent for my son and another for the rest of the family.  I stay clear of fabric softener because he would react to even the ones for sensitive individuals.  Since I found Liquid Green my worry is over.  I can use this product for everything; clothes, cleaning and my son loves it. Thank you Liquid Green for making my life so much easier and enjoyable."
Pauline S.
"In our home we use liquid green to wash our fruits and vegetables to get rid of any impurities that might be trapped on them. We also use it as a cleaning ingredient and I feel much more comfortable as I know it is not giving off toxic odours."
Sedwick H.
"Hi Janet and Fred! It was a true pleasure to meet you at the Yoga Show. I tried your cleaner the other day in the bathroom and it really is amazing! I'm going to be telling everyone about it. Looking forward to seeing you at The Green Living Show!"
"I like the fact that Liquid Green is eco-friendly and like everybody else, I like that it is helping me to keep myself and my family healthy. It is really effective for cleaning everything in my kitchen. I like the way my greasy sink looks shiny and feels clean after I spray it with Liquid Green. I am really impressed with its cleaning power on my fruits and veggies. It really cleans well and things just feel clean. At first I was skeptical about what it would be like after I cut up my meat but now I use it safely after I clean meats and fish because I really believe it works."
Donna J.
Wasaga Beach
"I picked up a bottle of Liquid Green at Cuddly Cats this past summer and it was the best cleaning product I have ever tried. I want to buy more!"
"I do like your products! Liquid Green Natural Soft Coat Pet Shampoo is a lovely natural alternative to many pet shampoos available in stores. It has safe, natural ingredients that clean exceedingly well, leaving your dog clean and conditioned with no irritation to the skin or depletion of their natural oils. It mixes well and its lightness is an advantage for dog washing systems as it saves a lot of time. Overall a great product."
Nancy Bryson
Dogs by Bryson and Member of the Ontario Dog Groomers Association
"Spent all day cleaning outside and ran out of my Liquid Green product. I used the whole bottle cleaning my deck and furniture. I need another bottle. It actually worked on the mildew on the patio furniture! I will try it next on my retaining wall."
Granville G.
"I am just thrilled with your cleaner. It is amazing! In the fall, I'd like to see if we could set up something at church to help you promote your products. In the meanwhile, if you want a reference, just call. Great stuff, it even cleans my glass top stove, which is something!"
R. H United Church
""Thank you so much for the sample cleaner. Our Principal suggested you contact the
Durham District School Board and see if you can promote your products for use in the
schools. We have tried it in the office and it's great! We just can't try it in the
classrooms without permission. I would love to get more information on your products
though as I have asthma and am very interested in your products."
Cindy B.
C.E. Broughton Public School, Whitby, ON
"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for being a part of the Green Living Show this year April 13-15th. We hope it was a very successful and enjoyable weekend for Liquid Green, and I’ll tell you personally I’m hooked on your product!"
Toronto Green Living Show
"I've used the product quite a few times, and I think it's great! It does a very good job cleaning countertops, tabletops, sinks and general household cleaning. It cuts through dirt no problem, and I love the smell it leaves behind - clean but not overpowering. Strangely, albeit most impressive, I saw the container label claims it’s great at killing bed bugs. I have a friend who's struggling with a small infestation (getting more and more common in Toronto actually), and although I was skeptical that anything could effectively kill them...I saw it with my own eyes! Knocks them out on contact. Bravo! Great product, and I would certainly buy it again!"
Chris W.
Fusechamber, Toronto
"We have been using Liquid Green Botanical Multi-Purpose cleaner since our inception in November 2010. This excellent product is used to clean our washrooms, mirrors, floors and equipment. We enjoy the fact that we don't need to buy many different products but most importantly we can clean chemical free. Our clients never complain of strong odors and we can undoubtedly recommend Liquid Green to anyone looking for a safe, effective yet affordable natural cleaner. Thumbs up Liquid Green on a great product!"
Pro-Life Fitness Ajax, ON
"I would love to have more of it! It is the best cleaning product I have tried during my life. It’s not toxic, not sticky, it doesn’t dry your hands and everything looks clean and shiny! It is so very safe for a healthy life. My friend has it and everyone can get it online. I am sure of that so I will be getting more and I will ask in my work to do so also. Please let me know how may I do it."
Aguila D.
"Last week I threw a shirt into the washing machine with a Uniball Signo pen still in the pocket. When my wife took the shirt out of the washer it had severe black ink stains front and back and she was ready to throw the shirt into the rag bag. I took a small bowl, poured 1/2 inch of the carpet Cleaner into the bottom and placed the stained part of the shirt into the puddle of carpet cleaner. Left it overnight. I gave the shirt a good scrubbing next morning and re-washed it. Stain gone! Thanks for a great product."
Chris C.
"When my cousin visiting from France accidentally cut herself and bled all over my white bathroom mat, I used Liquid Green to easily wipe away the blood."
Kyra C.
"We clean luxury homes and our clients demand the best. Since using Liquid Green we have stopped using most of the other cleaning solutions. I have recommended it to our most fastidious clients and to some of my colleagues in the cleaning business."
Al. D. Operations Mngr.
LUX CLEANING Services Inc. Toronto
"I love Liquid Green! I generally spray it in the bathtub and on the grout on my shower walls. I leave it for a while. When I come back I simply spray away the dirt, no need to scrub. "
Lisa S.
"Hi Janet, Thank you for your wonderful presentation and tasting session. I think that it was one of the best programs I have had in the 3 years I have been doing this. Very generous of you to provide samples for the participants to take home."
Patricia Y.
Whitby Public Library
"I passed on the product to my husband to use at home and he seems quite impressed. Did use the product a little bit and loved what it did. I have to admit, I have not done much cleaning lately and my partner was away for a couple of weeks. But I did use it to clean the bathtub a few weeks ago -- lots of build-up from showers and I was tired and wanted a hot soakie -- thought I would grab your liquid green and give it a shot -- was all geared up for the usual elbow grease with lots of hard scrubbing -- your product was a wiz! Never had an easier time of cleaning a bath ring build-up ever! It was a breeze - smooth, clean and done in no time! Now I have to find the time and energy to apply to some other stubborn areas. Also, added some to a diluted dish detergent and water for hand dishes and spray -- great! The pet products sound really interesting --- I had a great big shaggy dog who suffered from skin problems and flea allergy and cost me a fortune plus a lot of suffering for him - wish I had something like this years ago."
Leana P.
"I've been using the Liquid Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner and the Fruit and Veggie Wash for a couple of months now and it's been great! I use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner on almost everything and the Fruit and Veggie Wash doesn't leave chalky residue like the other products in the store."
Brianne M.
"I use Liquid Green for all my general purpose cleaning. I have severe allergies and am very sensitive to smells. When I use some of the other cleaning products out there I sneeze and get runny eyes. I get no reaction whatsoever when I use Liquid Green, even on my countertop. I also like the fact that my hands do not dry out like it does when I use some of the other cleaning products."
Paula M.
"I started using liquid green about 5 years ago after being diagnosed with a rare auto-immune condition which affected my respiratory system. As a result, the use of chemicals was not recommended. I was introduced to Liquid Green and have been using it since and have never been happier as I can use as much as I want without having any side effects. I use it for cleaning, the washing of vegetables and for tough stains on clothing as long as they are still fairly fresh. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone as it is the best green product on the market."
Karen S.
"A few years ago I was invited to a meeting to hear about Liquid Green Products. I am now writing to complement you on such an excellent product for the community. It is not just a household product but one that can be used medically. Liquid Green has proven to be beneficial on many levels. I have tried all your products and I truly say I’m sold! When I like a product I don’t just recommend it to my friends. I buy your products as gifts for my friends and family. While there are a multitude of products out there, I find Liquid Green to be most resourceful. I have been using the cleaner for just about four years and have yet to find a fault."
Jacklyn N.
"Liquid Green is an amazing all-purpose cleaner. I was introduced to it about 2 months ago and will never use another product. It gets the job done and is good for the environment."
Adrian B.
"Liquid Green products are excellent, bio friendly cleaners. I strongly suggest homes and businesses use these products for multiple purposes. My favourite is the general house cleaner because I discovered it can do so many things around the house."
Mark C.
"I met you at the booth at the Toronto Yoga Conference this Saturday past. I tried out the Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner, that you gave me, in my friend's bathroom that night and I Love it! I drove back up north in that awful snow/ice storm Sunday evening. I took your product to the health food store, Grandma's Pantry, in the village of Killaloe nearby. Melissa, the owner, loves the fact that it has no odour, as she has several clients with sensitivities and reactions to any odour, even natural oils, looking for just such a product. She will be contacting you also. I would be interested in selling your products independently, if it doesn't work for the store. We have several farmer's markets in the area that I could easily sell from, too. Looking forward to connecting with you again. Thanks for catching my eye at the show."
Algonquin Area
"I love Liquid Green as a hand wash. It has no strong smell which is great during allergy season. It works great on the stove also."
Renee W.
"Liquid Green is the best green product I have ever used. It really gets things clean.  I feel good knowing it's not toxic to me, my pets or others in my household."
Jennifer Beale
Publicist, Author
"es, I have tried the product and it works.  It worked too well on my bathroom sink! It cleaned it so much that I found an aged crack in it. I used Liquid Green Product to clean my toothbrush and windows as well. Works great!!!!"
Norma L.
"I have a small bed-bug problem that started when I bought a wooden chest from an antique store on Queen Street - they were living inside a crack in the wood and the bugs have followed us to Newmarket. We generally keep it under control on a monthly basis but they're never really gone.  Your soap, incidentally, kills them pretty much in their tracks.  I'd be happy to test your spray if it helps."
Fusechamber, Toronto
"Liquid Green has once again saved the day! I had lots of guests over for dinner yesterday and I made my famous orange pecan sweet potato scallops. Oops - too much orange juice and it boiled over in my oven. I had a lot of other things I had to use the oven for so I wasn't able to clean up the mess right away. Once the oven cooled (and the smoke cleared), I sprayed my Liquid Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner onto the baked on orange mess and left it to sit overnight. The next morning, I was able to wipe the charred mess clean without gloves or fumes. So simple! Thank you Liquid Green!! I think you should consider an oven cleaner for your line of products!"
"I'm just in the business of setting up my one company and is looking for strategic ways to market Liquid Green Multi-purpose cleaner. I will be in touch with you soon Also our Church have decided to use Liquid Green as product of choice for cleaning, and will need a large container of the undiluted liquid."
Don L.
"On behalf of the Executives of the Canadian Jamaican Club of Oshawa, I would like to thank you for donating that wonderful door prize that was filled with your company products (Liquid Green Ltd). We wish your company will continue to grow and you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. Sincerely, Omar Wisdom Immediate Past President"
Omar W.
"I am a fitness instructor and am very particular about what I put IN and ON my body as well as I pay attention to the products I use in my home and in my gyms. When I first saw the demo of Liquid Green Multi-Purpose cleaning product, it was being tasted. I was convinced, it had to be safe. I purchased 6 x 800 ml bottles. My wife was skeptical at first wondering what the heck had I brought home this time. Now she wants to know where I bought it because she really likes the product. I recommend Liquid Green products if you are looking for a Safe cleaner that actually works."
Daryl D.
Innovative Fitness, Toronto
"I purchased some Multi-Purpose Cleaner at the environment show in the spring. It is now mostly gone and I would like to buy some more. I like it because it cleans well and is not fragranced. Would you let me know if I can purchase it at a store in the city? "
Cathy L.
"Thank you for your product called Liquid Green Carpet Shampoo that I bought. I only used it twice to remove dirt and stains and it’s unbelievable and amazing! Our floor carpet from the living room to our bedroom is so clean and all the stains are gone. Thank you and I'm proud of your products. It’s also very affordable."
Sunny C.
"My dog threw up on my sofa this morning. Liquid Green cleaned it up fast. We also used it to clean a lizard cage with caked on yucky stuff (ewwww). Liquid Green just melted that stuff away. It has a great future as a pet stuff cleaner. I used Liquid Green to clean my Blackberry and in my carpet steamer. It worked well for both. I could even see scratches on the Blackberry that weren't obvious before."
Kerry M.
"I was just emptying our indoor "green bin," which is a chore I can't stand. The smell of rot has seeped inside the plastic and nothing I've done has made it better - even soaking it in dish detergent. Suddenly a light bulb went off over my head (well, not really, but you get the point) and I grabbed the Liquid Green. In literally one wipe the smell was almost gone. It was definitely gone after two wipes. I was so stunned that I put my head into the bin and made my husband watch me take a deep breath. Lol Oh the excitement of Saturday nights at our place!"
Kerry M.
"I gave it to my Italian friends who was looking for something safe to clean their marble and granite and they were amazed at how well it worked."
Roy S.
IT professional, Toronto
“I love it for my new grand-baby and I have bought several bottles of Liquid Green for my clients and friends at Landmark"
Lois R.
RE/MAX Specialist Reality
“Since I started carrying Liquid Green in my store, I have not used anything else,” says Violina at Living Healthy Health Food Store on Kipling Ave. in Etobicoke. “I use it on all my mirrors and counters in the store as well as I clean everything with it at home.”
Living Healthy Health Food Store, Etobicoke
"Liquid Green is an amazing product. I just have to say “WOW”. It literally cleans everything."
Dust’ til Dawn Janitorial, Toronto
"I got a bottle as a gift and my housekeeper says she really likes it, and it is a good product. I bought a gallon for her to use."
Dr. Cecil C.
"I have been using Liquid Green for over a year and I will not go back to harsh chemicals. It is easier on my hands and my clients love it. Some have also made the switch. I just found out that they also carry a carpet cleaner."
Marvelous Touch Cleaning Services
"We have been using Liquid Green Products for more than a year at Hot Yoga Wellness - Kennedy. We use it to clean our bathrooms, floors mirrors and yoga mats, very versatile product. I recommend Liquid Green without hesitation. No fumes, no toxins and it gets the job done."
Delia, Manager
Hot Yoga Wellness Kennedy
"I now use Liquid Green and I also bought a bottle for my mother. She loves it too. I also gave the Pet Shampoo to my daughter whose dog has allergies."
Cindy B.
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