Fruit & Veggie Wash + Preserver

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Safely wash all fruit and vegetables to reduce toxic pesticides, post-harvest waxing and farm residue with Liquid Green’s Fruit and Veggie Wash + Preserver.


Safely wash all fruit and vegetables to reduce toxic pesticides, post-harvest waxing and farm residue. Use even on organic or home-grown produce which may be exposed to animal or human contamination.  Liquid Green Fruit and Veggie Wash + Preserver can also be used for cleaning cutting boards. Contain no toxic chemicals. Not tested on animals. Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

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1 Litre, 4 Litre Case (x4), 4 Litres, 500ml

3 reviews for Fruit & Veggie Wash + Preserver

  1. Lucy. W

    omg!! your fruit and veggie wash + preserver is awesome. been using it for over 3yrs to wash my salads and fruits. bought it at a Toronto VegFest. Love! Love!! Love!!! it.

  2. Brianne M.

    I’ve been using the Liquid Green Multi-Purpose Cleaner and the Fruit and Veggie Wash for a couple of months now and it’s been great! I use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner on almost everything and the Fruit and Veggie Wash doesn’t leave chalky residue like the other products in the store.

  3. Jacklyn

    A few years ago I was invited to a meeting to hear about Liquid Green Products. I am now writing to complement you on such an excellent product for the community. It is not just a household product but one that can be used medically. Liquid Green has proven to be beneficial on many levels. I have tried all your products and I truly say I’m sold! When I like a product I don’t just recommend it to my friends. I buy your products as gifts for my friends and family. While there are a multitude of products out there, I find Liquid Green to be most resourceful. I have been using the cleaner for just about four years and have yet to find a fault.

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